Windows 10 update glitch breaks network printers and how to fix it

Off late Windows 10 and its update have resulted in a lot of printer issues, this is due to the ‘PrintNightmare’ vulnerability, but other issues related to printer spooler have also been reported, this bug affects the capability to print wireless from your printer and certain errors like ‘0x00000709’ or ‘Element not found’ have been appearing due to this, the error does not appear every time but is pretty common and widespread.

The update released on 12th October is update KB5006670 fixes 74 vulnerabilities.

Despite regular troubleshooting the issue does not get resolved after the update and the help of a specialist is advisable.

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These errors and vulnerabilities have also affected the latest Windows 11 and these bugs hampers users from installing there printers wirelessly, while some Brother printers have issues printing via USB connection as well.

Despite Microsoft being aware of this issue, a patch to fix the bug, is not known as to when it will be available, in the meantime a few steps can be taken to resolve the problem.

Uninstall the update : Uninstalling the update is an option, if you are aware of this process you can uninstall the update after the errors started to appear and then restart your computer and device to implement the changes. If still problem persists call our specialists at 1800-937-0172 for support.

Uninstall and re-install the Printer device : Doing this can also help in solving the issue, but if the problem persists call our support team at 1800-937-0172.

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