Various types of printer available in the market

Leading Manufacturers of printers are HP, Cannon, Epson, Brother, Lexmark, Kyocera, Samsung, Ricoh etc. respectively based on their popularity these printers with the modern technology are considered to be Plug and Play devices as long as you install the correct drivers for the same, which is a tricky issue, but don’t worry we are here to solve any issue faced on your printer, our team of experts are always present, you can chat with us or call us or schedule a call back with us at a time convenient to you.

Common Types of Printers :

Laser Printers : These are the most common type of printers also known as LASER JET and they have printer cartridges which makes printing very economical and these toner cartridges last for making a good number of prints and copies, they are generally used for making black and white copies although now the colored options are also available called LED Printers, these printers are also recommended for office use for multiple users or users who have to make bulk copies or prints during the course of their usage.

Solid Ink Printers : These printers come in various types and are used for making higher quality prints, copies or higher resolution Photos, these printers use Solid Ink of various colors which can come in the form small cartridges called INKJET, DESKJET & ALL IN ONE printers or tanks which can be refilled with the desired ink called INK TANK printers.

DOT Matrix Printers : One of the oldest type of printers, also known as pin printers or line printers are generally used for printing only characters and alphabets available on the keyboard they are now getting outdated with the advent of the modern digital printers.

Advance 3D Printers : The latest advent in printer technology helps in creating live 3D Objects thru CAD CAM images or copying 3D products

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