Use genuine Accessories or spares (Inks in case of printers)

As Recommended by the manufacturer in all products, its essential to use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) genuine accessories or inks in case of printers. it increases the life of your product plus another advantage is that all kind of warranties stay applicable. This cause is the most common reason why manufacturer deny any kind of service or replacement.

Although in “fine print” the recommendation of using only genuine spares is always mentioned on all products and is always advised. As it nulls all kinds of post sales benefits, hence its always advised to use genuine spares like Ink or any other…

Using recommended genuine products has many advantages specially for after sales services for printers as the need for inks is always required for continuous use of printer. If you want to get genuine ink or want help for your printer then you can contact printer customer service number or you can contact 123 setup printer to resolve your issues

Inks are available in various forms:

Ink jet Printer

Ink Tank Printer

Office Jet Printer

Laser jet Printer

Deskjet Printer

All In one (recommended)

These are the most relevant with the current technology. Go to 123 printer setup website for quick printer drivers installation.

Please use relevant inks for your products. if you face any problem while installing or setup the printer or ink then you can reach the product manufactureres support page and contact for 123 com setup printer or reach 123 Printer Setup team for any printer setup or installation problem

For any further queries call us at 1-800-937-0172 for best advice on your printers…