Terms and Conditions

There are a set of rules and regulations that become the legal binding between our customers and the website authorities. It is the responsibility of the users to strictly adhere to the terms and conditions, the privacy policies listed on our webpage.

Privacy policy being an integral part of terms and conditions always explain the method of collecting the reports or other required information from our customers.

Being an independent service provider it is our vision to offer the required support to all our customers and hence we suggest them to strictly follow the terms and conditions, privacy policies listed on our webpage.

Service that we offer

The services that we offer to our customers include the device setup and activation assistance, guidance to download the compatible software and driver for the device, troubleshoot the errors associated with the device and a lot more.

Chargeback or refund policies

If you want to cancel any of the services that you have we have the chargeback policies or refund policies to return back your money.


Under no circumstances, our website authorities are liable for the threat or misuse that arise due to the third-party authorities. Any customers or website authorities who involve in such activities will be strictly penalized and we follow the legal rules and regulations.


During the occurrence of any legal violations, we have a set of regulations to be followed. The rules always depend on the severity and cause of misuse or threat that arise

To know more about the service that you offer and the terms and conditions, privacy policies that we follow suggest you to just go to our webpage and read the information provided.

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