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Collecting the required documents is a must for 123hpcomprintersetup. We have a lot of methods to collect, secure and transfer the data or information collected from the customers. Reading and understanding the policies is the foremost step that we suggest before you make use of any of our services.


We maintain all the data or information that we collect from our customers secure and confidential and will not be shared with any of the third-party authorities.

Type of information collected

The data or information that we gather from our customers include both personal and private. Name, contact number, personal ID and email are the common personal data required for contacting the customers.

The official data we gather include the billing information if you purchase a new device, bank or credit card details, account information and a lot more for the required transactions

Other reports that we collect

Errors reports and the device manuals are sometimes required as most of the customers end up with the device setup errors. The device instruction manuals will have all the steps to set up the printer, features, specifications and a lot more

Rules and regulations

We never encourage sharing the data or information on our webpage to the third party or other organizations. No data or information will be shared with the judicial authorities without the prior consent of the customers. Customer responsibility is to safeguard the data or the information that they have

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Accept the privacy policies on our webpage and proceed further to know more about the best service that we offer to all our customers

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