Printer Setup for Kyocera: Driver and Wi-Fi


You just have bought a Kyocera printer and you are looking for the Kyocera printer driver setup then you might have landed on the very correct page here you would find all the relevant information about the Kyocera printer.

So let us get started:

There are two ways to update your printer

  • Download and Install the Driver Manually: you can manually go for downloading the printer driver directly from the official website of Kyocera, you can simply log on to their website search for the latest printer drivers and download the exact match as per your printer model number and windows version.
  • Automatically download the Printer Driver: If you do not have the proper understanding of the system or if you are too impatient to do it manually then you can automatically download the printer driver with our assistance form you can simply call our toll-free number 1800 937 0172 or you can reach us via mail at

Steps to Install the Kyocera Printer Driver Automatically:

  • The Kyocera printer driver can be updated by pressing Win key + X hotkey and selecting Device Manager from the menu.
  • Now select the Kyocera printer from the list of printers and Select Update Driver Model on the context menu to open the window below.
  • select the Search automatically for updated driver software option on the Update Driver Software window.
  • You can look for a fresh update for your Kyocera printer driver to download.

Steps to Install the Kyocera Printer Driver Manually:

  • Look for the latest Kyocera printer driver on the Manufacturer’s website.
  • Click on the download button for your country or the region.
  • then select print in the Product Category drop-down menu.
  • then click the Product drop-down menu and select your Kyocera printer model number from there.
  • Press the go button to open the list of drivers for your Kyocera printer
  • you can look for more specific printer categories from Technical Resources from a Resource Category drop-down menu and Print Drivers from a Sub-Category menu.
  • Click the Free Download button beside the required Kyocera printer driver and then go for installing it in your windows system.

Kyocera printer Wi-Fi setup:

You need to follow certain steps to do the Kyocera printer Wi-Fi setup:

  • you need to acquire the local area network details for the setup.
  • Enable Wi-Fi in your printer.
  • you need to add to the network and to add to the network you need to tap Options-Add network-enter SSID-Security dropdown-enter ID and password-SAVE.
  • from the security dropdown, you must select the appropriate security option i.e. WEP, WPA / WPA2PSK, 802.1x EAP.
  • Once you selected and added the Appropriate Wi-Fi network you are all ready to use your printer over a wireless network.

So, here is a small effort to provide you with all the necessary information you need to know about Kyocera printer driver set up and Kyocera printer Wi-Fi setup.

You can simply follow the above-mentioned steps to update the driver and connect to a wireless network with your printer.

I hope you find this piece of information helpful please do let us know if we succeeded to help you.

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