Lexmark Printer Setup

Lexmark is a privately held American company that manufactures laser printer and imaging products. The headquarters of this company is in Lexington, Kentucky.

It has been jointly owned by a consortium of three chinese company: Apex Technology, PAG Asia Capital and Legend Capital.

Various models of Lexmark Printers: There are several models of Lexmark Printers, the top 5 printers of the lexmark are given below
1) Lexmark E460dw
2) Lexmark E250
3) Lexmark Pro 715
4) Lexmark Impact S305
5) Lexmark Prevail Pro 705

Lexmark printers are used to help business captures, to manage and access documents in a more efficient way in order to serve them in low cost and to save time.

How to setup Lexmark printer:

To install the lexmark printer you just need to follow the simple steps, which are given below
1) Insert the Installation cd in to your system and click on the setup.exe
2) Click on install options
3) Agree to the license agreement
4) Select software to install and then click on continue
5) Then you have to click on the yes button to install it on your system.

The speed of the lexmark printer is 33 ppm. The resolution of the lexmark printer is 1200*1200 dpi

Lexmark Printer Consumption: The power consumption of the lexmark printer is 700W when on operation mode
2.9 when on standby mode
55W when on sleep mode.

Troubleshooting: The problem of lexmark printer is easy to solve as you only need to follow just 3 simple steps given below
1) Click start on control panel
2) Click on the computer management and search for the box, then double click on the icon appear
3) Click services and click print spooler and then click to restart.

We provide lexmark printer setup services as we work to serve the best to our customers.

Lexmark Printer Setup

We provide solutions & services for the following Lexmark printers:

  • Lexmark MC3326adwe
  • Lexmark MC3224dwe
  • Lexmark MC3224adwe
  • Lexmark MC2640adwe
  • Lexmark MC2535adwe
  • Lexmark MC2425adw
  • Lexmark CX517de
  • Lexmark C3326dw
  • Lexmark C3224dw
  • Lexmark C2535dw
  • Lexmark C2425dw
  • Lexmark MB2650adwe
  • Lexmark MB2546adwe
  • Lexmark MB2442adwe
  • Lexmark MB2338adw
  • Lexmark MB2236adwe
  • Lexmark MB2236adw
  • Lexmark B2865dw
  • Lexmark B2650dw
  • Lexmark B2546dw
  • Lexmark B2442dw
  • Lexmark B2338dw
  • Lexmark B2236dw
  • Device Type
  • Monochrome Laser
  • Workgroup Size
  • Small Workgroup
  • Print Speed: Up to
  • 36 ppm