Why is My HP Printer Printing Blank Pages?

Printing sheets or any other media with the HP printer is fairly easy – involves minimal hassles. But if your printer does end up providing outputs that are blank or have minimal black on them, it can be frustrating. While solutions are simple, ascertaining the original foundation of the issue is also crucial. The company always recommends you to use genuine HP cartridges and HP recommended media for printing to be rid of HP printer printing blank pages issue.

HP Printer Printing Blank Pages

Reasons For HP Printer Printing Blank Pages

Cartridges are empty

  • Check the ink levels on the toner/cartridge to see if they are adequate
  • Generally, blank outputs are associated with a lack of ink
  • HP’s website has the right kind of cartridges meant for your printer
  • Browse to order the cartridge relevant to your printer

Printer ribbon

  • At another time, though this kind of a situation is unlikely, it is possible that the ribbon against the printhead is damaged
  • Generally, the flexible ribbon connects in a ‘U’ shape around the printhead to let it move back and forth
  • This area is well-guarded and enclosed, but in the event of an unanticipated damage, you should encounter blank or plain page outputs

Cartridge is dislodged

  • Sometimes, a full and ready cartridge could get slightly dissociated from its carriage
  • Which means, the printer and the cartridge’s electrical contacts are not completely attached to each other
  • Rectify this problem, when you detect it, by removing the cartridge fully from its place and reinserting it once again – this time till you hear a snap
  • Once communication between the printer and the cartridge is reinstated, the pages begin printing normally
  • You will no longer face the HP printer printing blank pages problem

Media size

  • Whether on purpose or not, it is best not to utilize non-recommended media and paper sizes for printing
  • Choose the ‘Print Preview’ option or on an alternative version of the OS to the ‘Print Settings’ option
  • Here you must ensure that you have used the right media and its correct size

Hardened ink

  • The ink within the cartridge can dry and harden especially when it stored in low temperatures
  • This can result in the clogging of the ink nozzles, where the ink is not passed through for an appropriate output
  • The issue may also occur when people do not use their printer frequently
  • You must perform the Print Head Nozzle Check process to clear the nozzles
  • Verify if your printer has this option before implementing it
  • When you do this, all blockades in the nozzles are released


  • If you have a Windows PC, then you can perform the following actions
  • These are also dependent upon the operating system that you use
  • On Windows go to ‘Printing Preferences’ and then click on ‘Maintenance’
  • Thereafter open ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Skip Blank Page’
  • Finally, click on ‘Ok’ to save all of your settings
  • If you are using a MAC, then launch ‘Finder’ and then click on ‘System Preferences’
  • Thereafter choose ‘Print & Scan’ or ‘Printers & Scanners’ or ‘Print & Scan’
  • These commands depend upon the OS version of your MAC

If you still think that the HP printer printing blank pages issue is unresolved, get help with 123.hp.com/setup or call our agents at +1-844-788-0600.

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