How to Fix My Brother Printer Not Printing Issue?

brother printer not printing

Nowadays purchasing a printer, with all fundamental needs is such a troublesome task. We have a lot of choices out there, each other printer maker offers across the board printer, which can do performing various tasks. Before you start the printing process, you need a proper brother printer setup to make it successful for printing.

How to fix my Brother printer not printing?

If you’re using Brother Printer at home or office & the printer showing unable to print or ‘Printer Offline’ text, then it means you are facing Brother Printer Offline issue.

There are many reasons why a brother printer not printing. It contains inadequate toner levels, paper jamming, worn outs, or interior jams, or outdated printer drivers.

  • Ensure the printer’s power source-

When the printing machine has enough power, LED lights are lit. A steady LED light on the power choice shows that the printing machine is on. 

When the error lights begin consuming or flickering, it shows that printer error. Look at the symbol/option that signals an error. It could be toner or a paper blunder. If no lights are on paying little heed to be associated, check on your power exit or reconnect the power cable. Generally, printer issues have settled just by separating and reconnecting the power link.

  • Check the connection between the brother printer and PC-

Ensure if the association among PC and printer is protected. Reconnect whenever required. Check if PC has connected with the printing machine. You have to open all the gadgets and snap on the sibling printer model. Confirm status, if it has built up as a default printer. If not, you have to include the printing gadget and set it as your primary printing gadget. Check the access point and switch shared by proper Brother printer setup and PC. Ensure the Ethernet link and manage access point settings properly.

  • Make sure if the printer driver is up to date-

An outdated printer driver can cause many printer problems.

You need to update the printer just by downloading the later version from using downloaded utility driver b. and visiting the brother printer website.

  • Do a Cold Reset-

If all is well yet your Brother Printer not printing from PC, you have to play out a virus cold. A virus cold or organization industrial facility default setting eliminates the ongoing settings and all the chronicles. So, it is best to set a backup before applying this solution.

So, these are the instructions about how to fix the brother printer not printing blank pages issue. if you face any kind of other issues with your printer. 

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