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The most convenient method of connectivity in today’s time is Wireless connectivity. In this article, we will together learn the methods of connecting the canon printer to Wi-Fi all you need to do is read this article follow the steps mentioned to establish the connection.

Let us get started:

So there are 3 methods to connect canon wireless printer setup, let us discuss these methods one by one:

Method 1: Connect the printer to WiFi

1) Make sure you have your printer connected to the power board.

2) Press the setting button>Arrow button>device setting>OK.

3) Press the arrow button till you find the LAN Setting once you find it press OK.

4) The printer will start looking for WiFi. If the searching takes too long you can Press stop>wireless LAN setup>standard setup>OK.

5) Press the arrow button till you find the WiFi once you find it press OK.

6) Enter the password then press OK.

Method 2: Add the canon printer to the computer

Sometimes to connect your printer to the WiFi you need to connect your Canon printer to your computer first and then to your let us know how you can do this task.

1) Press windows key + R on your keyboard, copy and paste control /name Microsoft. Devices and Printers in the box and then press OK.

2) Click on ADD PRINTER then follow the on-screen instructions.

3) Now your printer is connected to the computer and ready to use the Wi-Fi via computer.

Method3: If the printer is not working properly:

If your Canon printer is acting oddly then there might two notifications:

1) It will not print at all.

2) Random error popups.

The reason behind this awkwardness is that the printer driver is outdated so you must update the printer driver to fix this issue. Let us know how you can download install and update the printer driver.

1) Log in to the computer system with the printer server where the current driver is installed or with the physical printer.

2) Go to canon’s support and login page.

3) Enter your Canon printer model number in the Search box at the top of the window and click “Search.” The model is usually printed on the top or front of the device. A list of matching products will appear on the screen, sorted by the model numbers. Click the “Drivers & Software” link under the correct model of the canon printer to access its download page.

4) Select “Windows” from the Operating System drop-down, and select the appropriate version: 64-bit operating systems are listed with “(x64)” after the names, and operating systems without this notation are 32-bit. Select the appropriate version for your windows system and ”Click the “Drivers” link.

5) Select the appropriate driver from the list, which is arranged in chronological order by date. Clicking the “+” symbol will exhibit a piece of information for each item.

If your Canon printer is a multi-function or production unit. Driver filenames starting with “PCL5” or “PCL6” are usually the “main” printer drivers. Choose a PCL6 driver unless you use older software in your environment that will not render print jobs correctly when a PCL6 driver is installed.

Consider installing a “Generic” printer driver if your printer is not working properly with certain applications on the operating system.

6) Read all the terms and conditions properly and then click on I agree to start the download.

7) Now you need to read the instruction and follow it to continue with the download if the package is a wizard then you can download it without many issues but if it is a zip file then you need to complete the download process manually.

8) Click “Start” then click “Devices and Printers.”

9) Click “Start” and then click “Devices and Printers.” Right-click on the Canon printer and select “Printer Properties.” Click on the “Advanced” tab and click “New Driver.” Click “Next,” “Have Disk” and “Browse.” Navigate to the driver file location and click “Open.”

10) Now follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

So here you got 3 different methods to fix the issue and connect the canon printer to the wifi but if you still find any error you can call our toll-free number 1800 937 0172 or you can reach us via mail at

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