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It’s time to get all your professional work done with the help of an affordable, yet with quality with the help of an HP LaserJet printer. The LaserJet models are coming up with multifunctional options in the affordable price ranges. This LaserJet is absolutely a sophisticated model with classic looks that pursue the tasks instantly without too many troubles.

LaserJet models are lightweight printer models which further enables the easy portable option for the users. And also, the printer is designed in a way of LED-based instant-on technology which saves a lot of energy in all the printer modes. Print and scan all your documents at right quality with the LaserJet’s robust performance. Know more about 123.hp.com/laserJet and setup steps with the below information.


LaserJet printer models

Here we provide you some of the basic and good performance wise LaserJet printer models,

  • Pro M126 NW
  • Pro M1136
  • 1020 printer
  • M1005
  • ProM203
  • Pro MFP M132
  • Pro MFP M226 DW and many more

123.hp.com/laserjet Setup instructions


Ensure that you have got all the below-mentioned products in your package,

  • User installation guide
  • USB cable
  • Power cord
  • Ink cartridges
  • Printer software CD for Windows and Mac
  • Printer device

Basic device setup

Follow the upcoming instructions to finish the preliminary setup process without any errors. These steps are mostly a common one for all the basic HP printer models.

  • After unboxing the package, first, remove all the Styrofoam caps and other coverings around the printer. You can see several tapes around the 123.hp.com/laserJet and gently remove all
  • Locate the ink cartridge slots in the printer. Lift the lid to open the slot, then insert the cartridge in the available space and close the lid firmly
  • The paper input tray is available at the bottom end of the printer. To load the paper, adjust the paper width guide first and then insert the paper stack
  • Connect the printer to the power outlet using the original power cord that you got from the HP printer package. Connect one end to the printer power port and another end to the power outlet from the wall

Software installation and setup

For Windows

For the wireless setup process of HP LaserJet printer on windows using 123.hp.com/laserJet, you need

  1. Computer with Windows OS
  2. Router for internet network
  3. LaserJet printer model
  • In the first place, connect your computer to the available internet network and place your LaserJet printer as close as possible to your computer
  • Open the browser in your computer and move on to 123.hp.com/laserJet, you can see the download button for the HP easy start software
  • Click the download button to save the software file in your computer
  • Open the software, accept the terms and conditions and click the continue button
  • Make sure the model displayed in the software matches with your printer model
  • Click your own printer model in the available list and get the software file
  • Otherwise, tap the ‘my printer not found’ option, click your desired internet connection and select between inkjet/LaserJet printer
  • In the next option select between printer with touch screen / without the touch screen
  • Now, connect your computer and printer using the USB cable
  • Click continue to manually enable the wireless setup for your printer, and it will save the Wi-Fi settings
  • In the meantime, after a successful connection, you can remove the USB cable
  • Now you can get the complete driver to enable the wireless setup for your printer model

For Mac

  • Similar to the windows, open the browser in your Mac, go to 123.hp.com/laserJet and download the HP easy start
  • Subsequently, choose your printer, if it is available in the list shown
  • Otherwise, select your printer same like windows setup process by connecting the Mac computer and printer using the USB cable
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to enable the wireless connection on your Mac
  • Choose the options like, status, alerts, Wi-Fi direct options and tap continue for all
  • Click the ‘Add and verify’ device to complete the wireless setup on your Mac

Troubleshooting printer errors

  • For offline errors, just use the HP print and scan doctor tool to scan and resolve the issues
  • For the printing errors, check whether the paper is inserted in the tray without any blocks or jam
  • Make sure you have done all the printer settings in a correct way
  • At first, do a test page for printing to check all the settings are right one or wrong
  • Avoid the network errors using a strong and stable Wi-Fi network

In addition to the provided steps, if you need furthermore information on 123.hp.com/laserJet, visit 123.hp.com/setup  or contact our expert team by the toll-free number +1-844-788-0600.

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