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At the core of every innovation, HP printers never cease to amaze. With one of the strongest R&D departments ever, the company has been able to customize every new device introduction to suit a target audience, in one way or the other. 123.hp.com/dj celebrates HP’s innovative range of DeskJet printers. At the outset, these machines are meant to provide high-efficiency printing while upgrading your entire printing routine. They are compact machines that can sit comfortably on a work desk without occupying too much counter space. Embedded with its own software suite, HP’s DeskJet printers are meant for a small office or even for a dynamic home.

123.hp.com/djLatest Line up

HP has branded all its inkjet technology range of printers as ‘DeskJet’. While offering versatility, these devices can perform multiple functions.

HP DeskJet 2655

The HP DeskJet 2655 is an All-in-One model that encompasses several office machine features such as the HP Auto Wireless Connect and Scan to Folder. The printing machine is also in-built with an Auto-On/Auto-Off technology, it offers mobile printing through Wireless Direct Printing and Apple AirPrint.


  • It is relatively compact measuring around 16.7 inches in width, 12 inches in depth and 5.9 inches in height. Portability can be achieved if you can lift around 7.54 lbs (about 3.5 kg)
  • This HP Thermal Inkjet printer comes with an assorted ink palette of black, cyan, yellow and magenta. Along with the printer, you should receive a black cartridge and one color cartridge that is able to print in CYM
  • There is an input tray that comes with a media feeder capacity of around 25 sheets received by the output tray and 60 sheets as received into the input tray
  • An easy-to-use control panel with a small 7-segment LCD in the front offers several command controls
  • With HP Instant Ink, users can save on at least 50% on ink


  • 123.hp.com/dj Mobile printing is available with compatibility with several devices such as the
    • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
    • Android with an operating system version of 4.4 and above
    • HP Slate 7
    • Kindle Fire Tablet
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 and above
    • Win8

HP DeskJet 3755 AIO

Considered as the smallest home printer in the world, the HP DeskJet 3755 All-in-One has garnered quite a fan following. Uniquely stylish and geared particularly to cater to the millennials, the 3755 lets you print your photos directly from the mobile device.


  • Measuring 5.6 inches in Height, 15.9 inches in Width and 7 inches in Depth, the device weighs around 5.1 pounds approximately 2.5 kg. Extend the printer with all its trays and it will still be 10.4 x 15.9 x 17.8 inches in HWD
  • The 123.hp.com/dj printer is equipped with a scan beam on the top, which is unlike most printers where a scanner glass scans or copies documents. With the 3755 you just have to feed the document you wish to scan into the beam and as it scans, the document will emerge on to the other side
  • There is a control panel with a monochrome screen along with buttons for control. With the help of these controls
  • Launch scanning both in color and monochrome
    • Enable or disable Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct
    • Cancel or Resume a print job
    • Enable HP Web Services


  • Achieve connectivity for the 3755 through the 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi or a USB
  • The printer is compatible with all mobile devices, computers and even supports Wireless Direct
  • Download the HP Smart mobile app to work directly with the printer from the mobile
  • The device is supportive of HP ePrint and Apple AirPrint
  • Overall, the printer is definitely small, affordable and an absolute bargain

Setting up

  • For the first time 123.hp.com/dj printer setup, just remove the device from the box
  • The printer brings with itself a set of genuine ink cartridges, USB cable, Power adapter, Instant Ink brochure to fill up, User and Setup Guides
  • You will also get a software CD to configure drivers and software
  • Use the power cable with an adapter to connect the printer to an electrical outlet and switch the printer on; for this just press the ‘On’ button

Cartridges and software

  • Install the ink cartridges one by one, seating them in their appropriate places; more often you will hear a snap if they have been placed suitably
  • Identify the input tray and load plain standard A4 sheet papers
  • In all of its printers, HP places paper width guides so that while printing, the papers do not get crumpled, crushed or damaged
  • Now, to install the drivers and software, use the accompanied CD, or simply download it at 123.hp.com/dj; input your DeskJet model number to get the one that is absolutely right for your printer

If you wish to setup the Wi-Fi on your 123.hp.com/dj printer, Get help from HP printer setup or call our agents at +1-844-788-0600 and they will guide you towards full printer functionality.

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